Shreya Gupta

Shreya Gupta

Research Associate

LCS2, IIIT Delhi


I am a Research Associate at Laboratory for Computational Social Systems (LCS2), IIIT-Delhi, working on misinformation detection and verification under the supervision of Prof. Tanmoy Chakraborty in collaboration with Accenture Labs. I am interested in Deep Learning and its applications in Natural Language Processing and related interdisciplinary fields.

I completed my undergraduation in Software Engineering from Delhi Technological University supervised by Prof. Ruchika Malhotra. In the four years of my undergraduation, I applied AI in the fields of Computational Neuroscience (with Prof. Tapan Gandhi, IIT Delhi), surveillance, privacy protection, software engineering and most recently for fighting misinformation related to COVID-19. I’m deeply fascinated by the power and utility it possesses and aim to bring a change in this world with the help of theoretical and applied Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing with a strong inclination towards researching the mathematics behind them.

I am also passionate about communities and aim to create equal opportunities in STEM by promoting diversity and inclusion. I am a Lead at Women Who Code Delhi and founded the community MLNerdie x Delhi to bridge the gap between academia and industry in machine learning.


  • Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Computational Social Science


  • BTech in Software Engineering, 2020

    Delhi Technological University




  • Dec 2019: After weeks of talks with Abi, finally founding the Delhi chapter of MLNerdie, a journal club to cultivate machine learning culture.

  • Aug 2019: In Sydney, Australia attending the Google WomenTechmakers Retreat!! What a beautiful city!

  • Aug 2019: Paper with Prof. Tapan Gandhi, IIT Delhi published! Link

  • Aug 2019: DTU Times, my college’s official newsletter interviewed me. Read here to know more!

  • July 2019: Awarded the Google Women Techmaker Scholarship 2019!!

  • June 2019: Starting Research Intern at Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics, UCLA for summers of 2019!

  • Mar 2019: Counting my blessings for today! The only Indian to be selected for the prestigious NSF_funded RIPS Scholarship by IPAM, UCLA for the summers of 2019!

  • Mar 2019: In Kerala, amongst the top 4 teams participating in World’s biggest hackathon, Smart India Hackathon 2019, on Real Time Mapping for Epidemic Spread for ThermoFischer.

  • Feb 2019: At SMIT, Sikkim, presenting my paper with titled ‘Identification of Neural Correlates of Face Recognition Using Machine Learning Approach’ at ISCMM'19, in conjuction with ICACCPA

  • Jan 2019: At LinkedIn office, Bangalore, amongst the top 20 teams participating in LinkedIn Wintathon 2019. Designing a Voice Assistant System for LinkedIn

  • Jan 2019: Delivered my first talk, titled NeuroML, in association with Women in Machine Learning and Data Science

  • 1 Jan 2019: My paper with Prof. Tapan Gandhi, IIT Delhi accepted in ISCMM'19, in conjuction with ICACCPA. Beginning the new year on a good note.



Research Associate

LCS2, IIIT Delhi

Jul 2020 – Present Delhi

Research Intern

LCS2, IIIT Delhi

May 2020 – Jun 2020 Delhi

NSF-funded RIPS Scholar and Research Intern

IPAM, UCLA and Google, LA

Jun 2019 – Aug 2019 Los Angeles, USA

Independent Research Intern

Neuroscience Lab, IIT Delhi

Jun 2018 – Dec 2018 Delhi


A brief into the featured projects I have undertaken

Flare Detector for Reddit Data

Project done as a task for MIDAS Lab to design end-to-end pipeline to predict submission flares for Indian subreddit. Extracts data, analyses it, builds a model, develops a web application and deploys it in Heroku

Risk Assessment and Measurement of Privacy Leak in Google’s Ads Data Hub

My work done as a part of RIPS internship - in Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics, UCLA and with Google, LA - on measuring privacy leaks to protect the end-user safety while making online search databases useful for advertisers

Identification of Neural Correlates of Face Recognition Using Machine Learning Approach

My research experience under Dr. Tapan Gandhi, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, on using computational neuroscience and machine learning to design an artificial face recognition model for patients with Autism and Prosopagnosia

Epidemic Spread Tracking and Prediction

Project done as a part of Smart India Hackathon 2019, to design an epidemic identification, mapping and prediction system for Thermofischer and connect people to nearby hospital and drug stores in case of an epidemic.

Voice Assistant for LinkedIn

Project done as a part of LinkedIn Wintathon 2019. The voice assistant can search for people, jobs, navigate and apply, and add profile sections with interactive form based UI.

IMDb Movie Review Classifier using Word2Vec

Self undertaken project that classifies movie reviews from IMDb using Google’s Word2Vec